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Mindfulness-based therapy in Santa Fe, NM



"I'm grateful for my therapist Felice and for the effective skills I aquirerd via DBT over the passed two years. I'm happier, healthier and feeling more harmonized. Thank you, Felice!"



"Felice’s approach of incorporating mindfulness practice into our sessions provided a tremendous opportunity for me to learn more about meditation and apply the practice into my real-life situations.  Working with Felice allowed me to enhance my understanding of the practice of mindfulness and meditation, while better understanding myself in the process.  I highly recommend Felice as her calm, grounded, joyous presence provided a safe environment to gain better insight into myself, find resolutions to emergent problems, and apply various mindfulness practices."



"Working with Felice was both a constructive and valuable experience.  As a person who had completed the DBT program years prior, I was looking for a counselor trained in DBT therapy style to help guide me through an upcoming international move as well as adjustments associated with being a first time mother.  I was able to focus on specific issues occurring in my life and achieve positive and immediate results. "


                   Mindfulness-Based therapy in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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